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Monday, 17 February 2014


Some style inspiration that I am really ~feeling~ right now. I hope you ~feel~ this too.

London street style, trash, bucket hats, long jackets, tight pants, bold cuts, leather, turtle necks, PVC, fur, your boyfriend's old jumper, sport wear, puffer jackets, baggy everything.

Reebok//Trainers on the runway

The Ashish S/S RTW 2013 collection speaks to me on a spiritual and emotional level. How have I not seen this before? When I first saw the below image I let out an audible gasp. Are you kidding me? Reeboks AND gold glitter sequin socks? What the actual fuck. Someone has been reading my thoughts. This is too perfect. 

The rest of the collection was great too. Scrunchies, light denim, Big sloppy jumpers, track pants, cardigans glitter, geek glasses. It's like they have redesigned the typical American geek stereotype's wardrobe. Here are my favourite outfits from it.

here's some lads looking great in the Christopher Shannon x Reebok Capsule Collection


Anongirl xxx

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

INSPIRATION//street wear

for anyone in need of some inspiration...

Sporty high-end fashion backwards caps, dirty trainers with 90s cocktail gowns, matchy-matchy masculine suits on women, heels on men, sporty bomber jackets, the colour tangerine, cycling shorts, big eyebrows, blunt fringes, solid block colours, tennis players, men's overcoats, Reebok, snake skin, top buttons done up, baggy everything, and pastel polar fleece.

Love anongirl xxx

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


It is summer, and I feel guilty for not wearing more colour. Here is my attempt at combining minimalism with Harajuku street vibes. I knew that my new ridiculous platforms could make any outfit look more exciting. I've always loved how Harajuku girls could pull off socks & sandals so well. I've always been a fan of socks & sandals, I think it's a really cool way to add colour to an otherwise monochromatic (and possibly boring?) outfit. My sock collection is getting out of control. I have 2 sock draws now, and they are still over flowing and doing that thing where they fall down the back of your chest of draws. 



Shorts are the best. They are a much better alternative to skirts for me. I hate not being able to sit on grass or climb trees or sit on the lounge with my legs open or whatever so I always chose shorts over skirts. Both of these pairs are very comfortable, very high-waisted. Just the way I like them. Plus they really compliment my no-boobs, long-legs combo. I always chose to show my legs than my top half (of lack there of). 

1. Marble print shorts from Cameo
2. Geometric Shorts from Zara 

I absolutely adore everything from the Opening Ceremony x Adidas Originals collection. Some collaborations just work. Word of advice to any one purchasing these shoes; perhaps buy a size down. I had to return my original pairs because they were stupidly huge. The red ones are suede and the purple rock-pattern ones are a soft fabric. They're comfortable but tiresome to wear all day long because of their weight. But who cares about any of that, they look ~faaabulous~ Check it out.

What do you do when you can't decide which pair to buy? you get them both, because you are terrible with financial management and you like shoes more than food. I have to say, I think the red ones are my favourite. It's the chunky red sole that does it for me. It's such a vibrant colour, it's exciting to wear something so bright for a change. I hope they don't fade. 

I like to put all the emphasis and colour into one area of an outfit. So with this outfit I have chosen my feet. Combining stupid shoes with stupid socks. This outfit would probably look just fine with black jelly sandals or white trainers, but colourful platforms are just way more fun. Wearing all white/black can get kind of boring. These socks remind me of Neapolitan ice cream, fruity sorbets and tacky 80s geometric design.

1. Shoes from Opening Ceremony x Adidas Originals, socks from Alpha60 (Australian Brand!)
Shoes from Opening Ceremony x Adidas Originals, socks from Alpha60 (Australian Brand!)

1. top from Zara, Shorts from Zara

 1. top from Zara, shorts from Cameo

Yay! Colour! Things!

Love Anongirl xxx

Sunday, 2 February 2014


Exciting news - I am now a monthly contributor to Inconnu magazine! These are some 1980s inspired outfits for their February issue SWEAT - You can read  it here

Love Anongirl xxx

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

HOW TO//Fashionable Sportwear

I always hated gym class. Track running. Actually any physical activity. But sportswear holds a special place in my heart. It is so daggy it has stopped being unfashionable and has worked it's way right back around the fashion spectrum, to being on-trend again. For me, anyway.

So how do I put together an outfit with elements of sportswear, and not look like I have just been for a run/to pick my son up from soccer? let's see how the pros do it.

Liliya - IMG London by Maria Molko

I love the vibrant, tacky, bold patterns and cuts of 90s sport gear, as well as the simplicity and understated style of 1950s tennis players. Pulled-up white socks, lacoste shoes, starchy collars. Bonus points if you can mix in a bit of both. Pleats and spandex, black and white. Perfect.

Overalls, rolled at the cuff, with trainers is one of my favourite looks. It is still the peak of summer here in Australia, so I can't wear denim for another few months, but I look forward to rocking that look when the leaves finally start to change colour. I'm trying to find myself a nice Adidas or Nike jacket for winter too. Something that looks like it's intended to be worn by a man.

T-shirt - TopShop Boutique
Shorts - Adidas ( $15 from eBay)
Shoes - The White Pepper (online)
Backpack - Stella McCartney x Adidas

So, here is my take on sport x fashion. I love shoes like this with a thick ankle strap, especially when paired with something quite short (like these cycling shorts). Also, holy mother of god, these shorts are so damn comfortable. No wonder cyclists are happy. I've balanced out very very tight spandex shorts with a huge over sized T-shirt and the shoes act as the feminine part of my outfit. Adidas backpacks are great too, they can hold so much stuff and they are such good quality.

Dress - Glue Store
Shoes - Nike Air Max (buy here)

I never wear body con dresses. I am usually quite conscious of my broad hips, but I decided, fuck it. These are my new Nike Air Max trainers. My boyfriend and my flat mate told me that I am a massive Ladette for owning Nike Air Max. I said, maybe I am. I saw a guy on the street recently, he was waiting for a bus and wearing these Nike Air Max. He looked great.

I figured the dress was tight enough to be very feminine, and balance out the trainers nicely. This is my casual-Friday-in-the-office look. I wore this to work, then out in the city later that night. My feet experienced new levels of comfort.

Dress - Alpha60
Shoes - Reebok
Socks - Alpha60

T-shirt - Saxony Men's section
Shorts - cameo
Shoes - reeboks
Paper Clutch - Saxony

This is as elegant as white trainers can get. Mix them with Long, elegant, flowing dresses or well fitted high-waisted shorts. It make your sporty trainers look less sporty and more casual. If you have a long dress, that you think is too formal to wear day-to-day try wearing it with trainers. Reeboks; what can't they do?

Ps: do you guys like my fan?

Love Anongrrrllll xxxxx

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

JANUARY//The World Through a Broken iPhone 4

I take a lot of photos. Of myself, my friends and the places that I see. These are some photos I took this January. I know January isn't over yet, this is just an excuse for me to dump my photos somewhere online. I like the streets of Sydney, they can be scummy but so pretty at the same time. I like details, I like the hidden graffiti on bathroom doors and back alley ways, I like the interiors of dodgy Chinese restaurants, other people's houses, grave yards, street signs, car parks...

I present to you, the world through a broken iPhone 4

Love Anongirl xxx